Monday, July 7, 2008


It was far from home, in Avalon of Orlando, Florida, that I found myself deep within a sea of stranger’s faces. Absorbedly, I lingered intently taking in the uniqueness of those who had held close the joys and sorrows of life. In each I found a canvas distinctively new and original baring an expression of His story. Formed of myriad colors, mysterious shadows and captivating highlights, each creation told of its Creator.

Upon a young mother’s face, I saw the expression of God's devotion for those He longs to call His own. Upon the countenance of a Father with his son riding a head above his own, I felt the great joy of the Heavenly Father spending time with His children. In a man’s longing gaze toward his wife, I experienced the Grooms desire to enter into a deeper relationship with those He loves. Within the eyes that looked out from beneath a dark and furrowed brow, I was reminded of His saving grace, His mercy and His hope. And contained in the freshness of a tiny baby’s face, I read of the new life that can only be found in Him.

As it was, it continues to be upon the many faces I encounter that He shows me His Glory. As I decide which ones to paint upon my canvas, may it be an expression to the world how magnificent a God I serve.

“…the whole earth is full of his glory” -Isaiah 6:3

Monday, May 12, 2008


Though he is not my child, it is only as a treasured memory that I recall the brief but precious moments that pass between a mother and her son. As I painted this image, I could just imagine the wonderment this babe must have experienced as he came upon a magical garden full of flowers that grew heads above his own. In my mind's eye, I could see this child as he tugged and pulled one giant stem from the ground before laying it carefully aside in order his hands be free to pick a few more. I could sense the gentleness of his touch as he lovingly gathered the beautiful bouquet up into his little arms. And oh, how his heart must have danced as he stood in the doorway catching the first glimpse of his mother’s pure delight.

Each time I look into that joyful little face, I pause to pray for this one so freshly come from God and for all the dear Mommies out there who leave their print on the ones God places within their care. God has entrusted these Mommies with a great and awesome responsibility.

As I write this, I am reminded of how one author defines the word “responsibility”. He says “responsibility” is the “ability to respond.” I love this definition because, in this context it means that God did not simply give Mommies a daunting task to perform, He gives them the “ability to respond” to every situation that comes their way as they endeavor to guide and protect their children.

As for those days when I felt overwhelmed as I mother, I can say in all truth that when I fell on my knees and gave Him complete control over me, He gave me the ability to respond in His love, the wisdom to direct my children’s tiny steps, the insight to monitor their growth, the skill to organize a schedule, the courage to take charge, and the strength to discipline in a way that built and did not destroy.

My “flowers” to you, Mommies, is to tell you that what you do matters. You are important in the life of your family. Every day you rise early, fix breakfast (however simple), pray with them about the concerns of their day, and engage them in conversation as you car pool to and from school, your children's entire world changes forever! Every time you firmly correct their actions or attitudes, their character grows! Every time you are forgiving, the heart of our Lord is being lived out before them! And every time to you rise to the challenge God is giving you on this new day, His purposes are being accomplished and nothing will ever be the same again!

God bless the dear Mommies who watch over the "going in and coming out" of His precious little children.